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Why norma;
why now

It's natural to question the relevance of a film set in the past, but "Norma" holds timeless themes that resonate across eras. Here are some ways that affirm the significance of "Norma.'

Universal Themes: While the film is set in a specific time and place, its core themes—struggling against adversity, the pursuit of dreams, and the fight against societal norms—are universal. These themes transcend time periods and connect with audiences on a human level.

Reflection on History: "Norma" provides an opportunity for audiences to reflect on historical issues that still reverberate today. By exploring past struggles, the film can prompt discussions about progress, societal change, and the persistence of certain challenges.

Relevance to Modern Issues: Even if the film is set in the past, the issues faced by Norma—racial prejudice, industry exploitation, and the quest for identity—are sadly still relevant today. "Norma" serves as a mirror to contemporary challenges, fostering empathy and understanding.

Cultural Preservation: The film can contribute to the preservation of cultural history, specifically the musical heritage of Louisiana. It becomes a tribute to the artists who paved the way for future generations and a celebration of the rich cultural tapestry of the region.

Artistic Exploration: Filmmaking is an art form, and "Norma" allows you to explore a specific time period with unique artistic challenges. The creative constraints of a historical setting can lead to innovative storytelling and filmmaking techniques.

Personal Connection: My passion for the story and its connection to my own experiences add authenticity and depth. My personal investment in the narrative can translate into a more compelling and authentic portrayal of the characters and their struggles.

Diversity of Narratives: While modern stories are crucial, the diversity of narratives is equally important. By exploring a historical story, you contribute to a broader representation of experiences and cultures in cinema. This adds depth and variety to the overall storytelling landscape.

In essence, "Norma" is not just a period piece; it's a vessel for exploring enduring human experiences and fostering understanding across time. It's an opportunity to connect the past with the present, using storytelling as a bridge to illuminate shared struggles, resilience, and the human spirit.

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