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The Candy Lady

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Debra is a neighborhood candy lady whose quiet day goes awry when she, unbeknownst to her, awakens a magical typewriter bringing all of her short stories to life.



Written & Directed by Monique Morton Derouselle

Starring Cheryl Shelton, Chris Jones, and Duane Terry

Cinematography by Matt Valentin

Produced by Morton Derouselle, Chris Jones

Edited by Chris Jones


LA Film Prize:

  • Winner: Best Performance Award

  • Winner: Top 5 Finalist - $1,000

  • Winner: Founder's Circle Award - $3,000

  • Winner: Grand Prize Award - $25,000

48th Cleveland International Film Festival

SYNOPSIS: Debra, a beloved candy lady to the neighborhood kids who enjoy her sweet treats, receives an antique typewriter from her nephew, Marvin, who found it at an estate sale. As a hobbyist writer and avid typewriter collector, Debra is excited to test out her new toy. After accidentally spilling coffee on her existing short stories, she begins retyping them with the new antique typewriter. Unbeknownst to her, this typewriter is magical and brings her short stories to life! With Marvin and her neighbor, Oscar, to her aid, Debra must navigate a world where her quirky, comical characters leap from the pages into reality. Together, they work to solve the mystery of the typewriter and survive the strange adventure that ensues.


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